Welcome to Folly Games

Folly Games is a community of performers, game designers, theatre makers and artists that have been presenting The Game at the Woodford Folk Festival for the last six years. We have created a Game World with many years of creative input that has an in-depth history, dozens of characters, lore, absurdity and a plethora of puns. In May 2017 Folly Games presented a 90-minute immersive experience for Anywhere Theatre Festival called THE FARCE AWAKENS

The Museum of Brisbane was transformed into an interactive game world when Folly Games presented THE FARCE AWAKENS from the 5 to 20 May as part of Anywhere Theatre Festival 2017. We won an Anywhere Theatre Festival Award for the performance.

" THE FARCE AWAKENS is unlike anything else, making for a never-dull evening ‘at’ the theatre."  Meredith Walker, Blue Curtains Brisbane: Stories From The Stalls.

" ...exciting, interactive and engaging." - Fiona G Davy, Anywhere Theatre Festival Reviewer.

"I recommend THE FARCE AWAKENS for a rollicking night of game and show." Kiss Carson, WeekendNotes  Brisbane.

" 10/10 would go again" Rae, audience member. 

" If you like people, puzzles and being entertained you are going to love this!" Mark Rowley, audience  member.









Folly Games is currently planning another performance for the Anywhere Theatre Festival, this time involving Glampires...