The Game 2016/17



Folly Games presents

The Evilord and the Shiny Thing

Woodford Folk Festival

December 27th 2016 – January 1st 2017

Last year we discovered that The Dull was eminating from a box in the posession of the Overlord. Within this box he was hiding The Shiny Thing, an ancient and powerful magical object. As the Game World turned against him in outrage he became the Evilord and vowed to never open his box. The Onabots have sinced joined him in an attempt to keep the forces of 1 and 0 in balance. Meanwhile The Game World is in turmoil, Arwe Tharyit having overthrown Captain I Aye as leader of the Pilates and both Marylin Minuit of the Big Hat Rail Company and Queen Champers of the Elizabogans making moves to overthrow their male counterparts. The beasts remain unaffected by the dull, but not unconcerned. They are struggling to bring attention to an evil more perilous threat to the Game World, the slowly increasing, inconvenient and terrifing global yawning.

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